Operation & Support

SKYhub & OPT acting as your branch in Australia & the South Pacific.

SKYhub and OPT can act as your Australian travel branch, and you can consider our employees as one of your own staff members.  The information we receive from you will be treated as highly confidential under our privacy policy and will not be released to other parties.

1. Direct contact with the tour coordinator

You provide your requirements directly to us.

SKYhub and OPT contact your sales staff directly which removes 3 additional processes to reduce your waiting time and costs, and ensures information that is provided to your staff is up to date. 

We are also experienced in being able to accurately identify your customers’ requirements, and can quickly find service availability, special events, and speciality services to suit their needs. 

2. Customer Contact Service

When your customer arrives in Australia or the South Pacific we are happy to directly contact them on your behalf to ensure they are enjoying their trip, and to assist with resolving any issues they may encounter.

3. Support Network

We have 8 branches located in major cities around Australia and the South Pacific which are available to assist your customers’ during their stay, and we are also able to provide a direct contact number in case they need to contact one of our staff, such as in times of emergencies.  There is no need to worry if your customer is travelling without a tour escort as our branches will provide an extensive support network for them.  These services will also help to relieve your customer’s anxiousness about travelling to a foreign country as they can feel at ease knowing our branches are available to assist them.

4. Customer Follow Up

We can also contact your customer prior to departure from Australia and the South Pacific and provide them with a thank you call as a gesture of appreciation for their business.

We will work with you from the region to grow your business.