SKYhub and OPT (Oceania Pacific Tours) is a land tour operator based in Australia who specialise in the Oceania and the South Pacific Region.   We can assist you with managing the travel arrangements for your valued clients, and are experienced in tailoring itineraries to suit customer requests, from FIT packages to specialty groups.

SKYhub and OPT have an extensive knowledge of Australia and its regions, and we are able to provide you with up to date destination information which will further assist you to meet your clients requests.  Our experienced team provides prompt and efficient service, and all information and booking confirmations are sent directly to you, ensuring that you receive a quick reply.

A part of the H.I.S Group, SKYhub and OPT has the largest network of branches in the region for any  inbound operator or Japanese travel agency.   Our 8 branches, which are located in Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland and Nadi are available to support your clients directly in each city.

Our aim is to be number 1 for customer satisfaction.

SKY hub 及びOPT (Oceania Pacific Tours オセアニア パシフィックツアーズ)は、オセアニア地域における総合ツアーランドオペーターです。 F.I.T.から大型団体ビジネスまで、鮮度の高い地域情報を的確に捉えて、お客様のご要望にお応えして参ります。
オセアニアからダイレクトだからこそできるスピード手配回答、新鮮な情報発信等、的確な手配オペレーションを提供して参ります。 これからも顧客満足度No.1を目指し、多くのお客様に選ばれ、支持される旅行会社へと成長し続けます。



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